Lodge Officers and Committees

Lodge Officers:


Exalted Ruler:                         Maisel Guevara

Esteemed Leading Knight:      Ray Manyette

Esteemed Loyal Knight:          

Esteemed Lecturing Knight:   

Secretary:                               Robert Long, PDD

Treasurer:                              Michael Greene

Lodge Esquire:                       

Inner Guard:                           

Chaplin:                                 Chalita Dudley


One - Year Trustee:                Margaret Shawver

Two - Year Trustee:                

Three - Year Trustee:              William Wert, PDD

Four - Year Trustee:                Jack Giove

Five - Year Trustee:                









House Committee:

       Chairman:        Lee Ealley    

         Larry Baldwin, Ray Manyette, Victor Rosado,  and Jim Morris



Committee Chair for 2016 - 2017:

Americanism                          Vacant 

Auditing and Accounting:       Ron Lamot, PSP 

Bingo:                                     Val Cherrico

Building:                                 Ray Manyette

Camp Barrettt:                        Masiel Guevara ER and Chalita Dudley

Children's Christmas:              Karen Baldwin

Children's Easter:                    Masiel Guevara

Children's Halloween:              Masiel Guevara

Christmas Food Baskets:          Ron Lamot, PSP and Jeannie Lamot

Community Welfare:                 Ray Maynette

Drug Awareness:                       Stephen Bradley, PER

Elks National Foundation:          Robert Long, PDD

Family Day:                               

Flag Day:                                   Maisel Guevara, ER

Football Boards:                        House Committee

Government Relations:              Bobby Long, PDD

Inter-Lodge Activities:               Daniel Greene, PDD

Investigations:                           Chalita Dudley 

Jolly Cork Editor:                        Ginger Feliciotti, PER

Lapsation:                                   Bobby Long, PDD

Lodge Games:                             House Committee

Membership:                               Bobby Long, PDD

Memorial Service:                        

Mother's Day:                               Masiel Guevara, ER

New Years Eve:                              House Committee

150 Club:                                      Karen Baldwin

Public Relations:                            Lisa Martin

Seniors Thanksgiving:                    Vince Corrado & Ray Maynette

Scholarships:                                  Lisa Haskins

Social Activities:                              Daniel Greene, PDD

Soccer/Hoop Shoot:                         Ronald Lamot, PSP

Special Children's Party:                   Vince and Susie Corrado

Superbowl Party:                              Karen Baldwin

Veterans Service:                             Ginger Feliciotti, PER

Visiting/Indoctrination's:                  Daniel Greene, PDD

Website:                                          Michael Hall, PER

Youth Activities:                               Ron Lamot, PSP